Why Lean Poker?

We think your IT team deserves to be…


Lean and agile have been proven to drive down time-to-market and costs while dramatically improving productivity in many projects. We help your team (including non-IT people!)* to adopt lean and agile philosophies and reap their rewards.


You already know that face-to-face communication is the most effective way to drive team collaboration. Lean Poker enables mixed (technical and non-technical) teams to talk and work better together while fighting for a common cause - which in turn leads to improved teamwork, even after the training has ended.


It's the 21st century. Markets are rapidly shifting, customers could be changing their expectations day-by-day. How will your team respond to that? Lean Poker teaches continuous deployment practices which make programmers more resilient and adaptive to feedback.


Ivett, our trainer, is a lead software developer for a global marketing solutions company. She has experienced the best practices of the top dev teams of Europe - and she's ready to share them.

“But I'm already working on implementing Agile or Lean principles at my company!”

That's perfectly fine - even the most agile organizations can benefit from Lean Poker. Apart from teaching agile and lean practices, it also allows for critical reflection, personal and team improvement and collaboration. These elements make it a rare gem among trainings, which are - mostly - frontal and taught straight from the book.

For maximum performance, we recommend integrating 1 non-technical member into each team.


To quote one of our past clients:

Lean thinking is not something you can fully understand from a book, and adapt it into practice. Lean Poker is an awesome workshop, which demonstrates lean thinking's advantages in a funny, interactive and slightly competitive way.